Twist It Sistah is committed to a culture of creativity, growth, and mutual prosperity based on inspiring education, quality techniques, and teamwork. It’s a place where you can look and feel great, and receive styles and services customized specifically for you and your lifestyle.
Twist It Sistah is family-owned and operated right here in Oklahoma City, OK. We are a natural hair care salon specializing in all hairtypes. We’re dedicated to helping our clients understand and appreciate the natural beauty which is inherently their own. We do this by focusing on the positive attributes of textured hair, its’ strength, luster and ability to grow.
We believe that healthy hair is the result of a healthy body and mind. We want our clients to see their hair’s potential which builds self confidence and helps them look good and feel good about there Natural hair. Our signature process includes shampooing, grooming, braiding, extending, wrapping, twisting, weaving, cutting and setting. At Twist It Sistah we pride ourselves in assisting our customers in maintaining healthy happy hair.
Twisted Sista Hair Salon
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